We are Totum.

And we’re looking a little.... Different.


Because the professional services industry is looking a little different too.

Everyone can see where it’s been.

We have a vision for where it’s going.

For a long time now, Totum has been the expert in business services recruitment for the legal sector - it’s what we were built on. But the professional services landscape where we laid our foundations is shifting and the borders between industries are blurring.

That’s why, despite our long-established expertise, we’ve always maintained an agile approach to our services, so we can grow and evolve with the changing terrain.

As the professional services industry has grown, firms have borrowed structures and practices from one another to increase their efficiency and operational performance.

Since 2003, we’ve focused on roles in the legal field that are now widespread across professional services, from grads and execs, through specialist services up to C-suite and board-level placements.

With more and more firms looking to strengthen and diversify their offerings, bringing in new ways of thinking by recruiting cross-discipline and cross-industry is the logical solution. We’ve made it our mission to find firms their perfect candidates.

Right now, there’s uncertainty as to how the land will lie post Covid-19, but we have no doubt that that there’ll be a greater need than ever to maximise the potential of interdisciplinary recruitment to strengthen and shore up all aspects of the way professional services firms run their business.

We’ve built our expertise recruiting in the legal sector for decades, and now we use that expertise to find the best candidates for every type of professional services firm. We take a holistic approach to sourcing candidates; we get to know them and you. Because finding the right fit is more than just reading a CV

We’re excited about Totum's next chapter and we’re looking forward to working with you on the next stage of your journey to achieving business excellence or the next stage of your career.

It starts here and please do get in touch!