In light of re-launching our BD & Marketing Rising Star Award we spoke with last year’s winner Amanda Birch, Marketing & Business Development Executive at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP. Amanda spoke with Totum’s specialist M&BD Recruitment Manager, Joanna Milne about what winning the award has meant for her and what plans she has following her Rising Star success.  

Where are you now, a year on from winning Totum’s Rising Star Award ?

The award was won based on things I did as an Assistant, I’m now working my way to becoming a Senior Executive. When I won the award I was a few months into a promotion, and it really helped me to believe in myself more and know that I was ready for, and capable of, stepping into a more senior role. My line manager in the US has since been on maternity leave for 3 months and I stepped up during this time to cover. Having won the award I knew I could do this, but equally with the profile I had gathered internally across partners and senior leadership in the Business Development (BD) department there was an added confidence and understanding of my abilities. I have had really good feedback from this and it was a career progressing responsibility to have had.

So winning the award raised your profile internally as well as externally?

Yes, one of the things you become aware of as a BD or marketing professional is that there are quite a lot of awards and profile raising opportunities for lawyers but not so many awards in marketing or BD. The key partners I work with knew of my win and their positive reactions and backing was another confidence boost and made me feel really validated.

What would you say to firms who haven’t previously nominated or perhaps are reluctant to get involved?

It’s a personal achievement to win the award but it’s also a great achievement for the firm as well. I was so grateful to be given the type of opportunities that I have been given by the firm and I recognise that not every firm gives these opportunities. It has allowed me to grow and given me the chance to own projects myself – it’s a real testament to my Manager and to the firm itself and I’m proud that the award has given them the platform to promote across our industry that they give people these opportunities as well as the mentorship and guidance to succeed.

Has it changed you or what you want to do?

I love legal and I definitely take on more projects and challenge myself within the BD space. I want to continue to take on more responsibility and to learn about the strategic side of what we do in BD. I’ve still lots to learn and I want to develop – which I’ve always been passionate to do – but having others back my success has been really empowering.

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