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Specialists in cross-sector recruitment

We aspire to be the undisputed market leading recruitment company focused on sourcing exceptional business services talent for the professional services market. We achieve our goals in a responsible way, sourcing and placing diverse talent, championing the development of those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, and contributing to our collective future by reducing our business’s carbon footprint.

We live and breathe professional services recruitment, striving  to source the best business services talent to meet the specific needs of every firm we work with. And we commit to doing so in a way that leaves our bit of the world a better place.

What we do

We’re unparalleled at matching the best business services talent with professional practice firms. We specialise, so you don’t have to.

There’s a growing community of business services professionals who are thriving at all levels of professional services firms, and it’s a rich resource that we can cultivate for you. We’re proud of our ability to source business services talent all the way from advisor and executive level, up to Chief and Directors,  who can deliver relevant, strategic change and growth within firms.

Should circumstances change, or if firms want to trial new business roles, we can also fulfill interim roles as swiftly as they’re required. 

Bear in mind – we’re not just a national institution; we can keep you covered globally too. Through our network of international alliances, we’re able to fill key business services roles around the world and, if you’re a candidate, we can help you find that dream position overseas.

And, while we share a wealth of our expertise and knowledge through this site, we’re always on hand to give you a more personalised response.

How we're different

We source the best management talent to meet the specific needs of every business we work with. But the secret to our success is in the way we work.

We live and breathe business services management. Nothing is more important to us than sourcing the best business talent to meet the needs of every firm we work with. But the secret to consistently delivering success is in the way that we work.

Every day, we get to talk to a wealth of professional services firms and candidates about the business opportunities and recruitment challenges they face. Each conversation and meeting we have gives us an insight into this complex market, and strengthens our understanding of the shifting trends. Our ability to listen, understand and communicate our knowledge is where we excel.

Our expertise on the shifting landscape goes beyond recruitment. We can provide market insight to a firm’s decision making or an individual’s career plan. At the same time, our knowledge gives us the confidence to challenge assumptions, champion innovation and support firms and candidates in standing out from the pack.

We enjoy relationships with our clients that span years because of the way we work. We’re relied upon to deliver a positive recruitment process for everybody, and communication is key. Working for candidates and firms, we ensure clear dialogue between all parties; from sourcing the best talent through to managing the interview and feedback process as well as advising on offers and beyond.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone experiences the recruitment process in a beneficial way, even if they’re not ultimately successful. There are no shortcuts and we don’t avoid difficult conversations. Long term success outlasts any one placement, so no matter how busy a firm may be, or how many interviews a candidate may be juggling – we’ll keep everything on track.

Whatever changes lie ahead in the professional services industry, listening, understanding and communicating will remain fundamental to all that we do. Find out more about Working with Firms and Working with Candidates. Or contact us today via Our Team page

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