In our latest report, ‘Changing World: Totum reports on its 20 years of working in professional services’, Totum’s Founding Directors Tim Skipper, Deborah Gray and Gary Jones share their perspectives on two decades of change in professional services.

Where were you, back in 2003?

Still in the earliest days of the new Millennium, it was one of the hottest summers for 13 years, before we’d yet even heard of smartphones or social media. The British Government went to war in Iraq, backed by what became known as the dodgy dossier, we first paid London’s congestion charge and we commuted to the sound of The Black Eyed Peas asking ‘Where is the love?’.

In this heady mix, it was also the year in which we first dedicated ourselves to the recruitment of business services professionals in the professional services sector. It seems unbelievable that we are now looking back 20 years later, the years passing by as if to the steady beat of a drum. And yet, stop for a moment to take it all in.

In this report, which includes a ‘Timeline through change’ and some interesting tables of rankings dating back to 2003, we share some of our reflections on a period of sometimes profound economic and societal shifts. In this time, we were privileged to work with firms placing individuals and teams that truly made a difference to their firms’ ability to adapt, transform and grow. 

We also use the report to share a few of our thoughts for the future – one in which accelerating technology will intermingle with our changing social values to shape both the challenges and opportunities ahead.

To see the whole report, including some memorable figures from 2003, click here or on the image above.

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