In the weeks and months to come, we expect a rise in the number of temporary, interim and contract roles. We explore the trends and the ways in which Totum can help.

It is difficult to know right now what will happen in the business world over the next few weeks or months. But Totum’s years of experience in the thick of the professional services job market means we have worked closely with firms through many periods of often profound uncertainty. We know how to adapt quickly to deliver the right support in more challenging times.

One trend we expect is that the number of temporary, contract and interim assignments will accelerate for considerable time to come. This reflects firms’ current understandable reluctance to make long-term commitments, but their continuing need for skilled employees to help navigate these uncertain times brought about by COVID-19. 

At Totum, we have always supported firms with shorter term assignments, and have considerable experience in placing talent across temporary, contract and interim roles. We have also taken steps to ensure that we can fully support any increased requirement for such placements. Whatever the months ahead bring, Totum is positioned to maintain a smooth flow of skills and talent, as and when needed. 

In this piece, we look at likely trends and how Totum is placed to help.

The rationale

For employers, it’s not just financial/payroll considerations that might drive a shift to more temporary, contract or interim work. Shorter term placements can be a vital way of quickly scaling requirements up and down, and clearing bottlenecks, as required. 

Short term assignments can be vital when long-term planning is difficult or impossible, allowing firms to allocate the right resource exactly where needed at the right time. In this pandemic crisis, temporary, contract and interim assignments also give firms maximum flexibility to set people on specific duties as businesses gradually move out of lockdown.

Typical placements

At Totum, we cover all kinds of shorter-term placements. Withstanding a few grey areas, roles in this market tend to fall into the following categories:

Temporary: These roles could cover any length of time from the odd day to several weeks, but generally feature for more junior roles - ranging from assistant to manager level. Temporary roles are typically paid on an hourly rate.

Contract and Interim: Contract and interim roles cover placements that require particular skillsets/expertise or are at senior executive level. These roles are typically paid on a daily rate. 

Finding the right candidates

For shorter term, immediate requirements, we understand the need to work quickly and efficiently.

Given the present circumstances, we are expecting more candidates – including those who usually would only consider permanent opportunities – to be considering short term roles. That means there will be increased opportunity for firms to secure high-quality, experienced short-term support.

Some of these candidates will already be set up as limited companies. Others will not want to go down this route. But whatever their circumstances, Totum is set up to support all candidates into the right placements, enabling both firms and individuals to make the most of their availability in this space.

Supporting firms: Our commitment 

Whatever your firm needs in the current circumstances, whether you have permanent, temporary or contract/interim requirements, Totum is ready and able to help. 

Contact us if you would like to know more - at [email protected]. We’d be happy to provide more information on the roles we cover, chat through any concerns you might have, and support you in any way we can in the weeks and months to come.