We are delighted to publish, for our 7th year, our latest Totum Report 2024: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Following a year in which Totum became a Certified B Corporation, we share our latest diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) statistics, compiled through 2023 – marking a further step in our commitment to make a positive difference in all that we do. 

Key highlights

  • In 2023, we have been particularly pleased to see that the proportion of our candidates coming from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic population has increased further to 36% – from 34% last year, which was in itself a rise from 2021 when this figure was 27%.
  • Our candidates consistently represent a good balance of men and women. In 2024, 54% of our candidates were women and 43% men, compared to the previous year, in which we had 59% women and 37% male. We also added a category of ‘Prefer to self-describe’, which was selected by 1% of candidates.
  • Most (36%) were aged between 25 to 34 years of age, a rise from 28% in this age bracket last year, while 25% were 35 to 44, and 19% were 45 to 54 years old.
  • In 2023, 7% of our candidates registered as gay or bisexual, a rise from 5% last year – but very much in keeping with figures we have published since 2018 (the average over five years is 6%).
  • In 2023, 4% of our candidates registered as disabled, compared to 2% in the previous year.
  • From our registered candidates in 2023, 53% come from a professional or high-socio-economic background whilst 26% of candidates come from an intermediate or mid-socio-economic background.
  • At Totum, we are mainly made up of female employees (83% female to 17% male), but we enjoy a completely even 50/50 split at leadership level.

This has been an exciting year for us at Totum. Our B-Corp Certification, as well as Totum’s 20th anniversary, were opportunities for us to reflect on our journey over the years as well as our ambitions for the future. We have always been committed to building a business that would be successful for the right reasons: delivering equity of opportunity for all; working with clients and candidates to achieve potential not just short-term profit; and doing our best for our wider community.

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