We are delighted to once again publish Totum’s latest diversity in recruitment statistics (our fifth year of publishing our diversity figures!). We include details of developments made in 2021 as well as plans to further improve our diversity and inclusivity (D&I) performance through 2022. As part of this commitment we produce an annual report using information given to us by candidates registering with Totum from January to December 2021.

As recruiters, we have always been keen to play our part in supporting diversity across the professional services sector. But we know too that now is the time to step up even more. It is in that spirit that we report on our diversity statistics for 2022. Overall, we are delighted to see that Totum’s latest diversity statistics continue to reflect our strong commitment to recruitment practices that promote diversity and inclusion. In a year in which we have had more candidates registering with us than ever before, we believe that these statistics provide an excellent representation of our day-to-day working lives.  

We have made a few changes this year too:

For the first time this report details on our own Totum employees. We are a small team compared to the many firms into which we recruit, but it is just as important for us to be open about how our firm is made up as we endeavour to support diversity in recruitment across other businesses.

In addition, we are delighted to have added questions on social mobility to our candidate registration forms in 2022. We will be collating figures for that throughout 2022 and will report on developments in next year’s report.

Also, this year we hosted very successful diversity webinars – including ‘How black professionals navigate the world of business services’.  We also provided training for all our staff – ‘Masterclass for Recruitment Professionals’ provided by external consultants to help us avoid unconscious bias and embed truly inclusive recruitment practices in the way that we source and place our candidates. In addition, we use a flexible working job board, ‘Flexible Working People’, to advertise our part-time and flexible working roles – as well as using the job board ‘Diverse Jobs Matter’. All of these activities represent our active determination to support diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Click here or on the image below to see Totum’s full report on diversity in recruitment, including all data, graphs and analysis.


To find out more about our work in diversity and CSR, visit Our Community page.

If you would like to know more about our our diversity in recruitment initiatives, or would like to share any ideas on improving diversity in recruitment, please contact [email protected]

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