Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability strategies have become critical components of today’s business infrastructure, including professional services firms. That is why we have created this guide, ‘Environment, Social and Governance: Supporting firms to deliver positive change’, to explain how we can help source the expertise that drives change in this vital function.

At Totum, we have seen a significant growth in roles across the spectrum of CSR and ESG as firms have realised the importance of employing experts who can deliver positive change across sustainability, responsible business, social values, diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI), wellbeing and the environment.

Recent titles we have placed in this area include:

    • Head of Responsible Business
    • Responsible Business Managers
    • Head of Sustainability
    • Sustainability Manager
    • ESG BD Managers
    • CSR Managers

    Candidates in demand: How Totum helps

    We have gained considerable experience in sourcing great candidates across the CSR, ESG and Sustainability space. The right skills and capabilities can be difficult to source in this area, with demand far exceeding the supply of experienced candidates in this field.

    In addition, firms often have unique requirements that reflect the size, culture and stage of development of their ESG/CSR strategies. This means that we often work closely with firms to scope out requirements, help write job descriptions, and tap into our extensive networks from across the professional services sector and beyond, to find candidates who can meet the specific objectives of each firm we work with.

    Our work is supported by our ESG Networking Group, which regularly meets to bring together leaders in this space (including ‘Heads of’ and Directors of ESG and Responsible Business) to discuss the most challenging ESG/CSR issues, enabling firms to share ideas to progress initiatives in this critical function. This helps us to understand exactly how the market is developing and enables us to work in close partnership with firms to develop the talent needed to drive positive change.

    Our guide highlights the key trends and the way in which we work with firms to build the right expertise across ESG/CSR and Sustainability functions. Click here or on the image above to read the report in full.

    To speak to our Consultant who specialises in this space, contact Hannah Leon Soon at [email protected] 

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