ROI on law firm marketing expenditure still elusive

Our latest research finds that Marketing & Business Development (BD) Directors and CMOs at the world’s leading law firms are not confident that they can demonstrate a return on their firms’ investment in marketing and BD.



HR in Law awards: A night to remember

Celebrating the ever growing value of HR in law.

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How to improve your productivity

With law firms increasingly open to more flexible and agile ways of working, we take a look at how to make your contribution count when you’re not sat under the boss’s nose…

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Are firms really embracing flexible and agile working?

Law firms like to talk about flexible working, but implementing it in practice is the tricky bit...

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The role of the business mentor in law

More firms are implementing mentorship programmes, but typically among lawyers. Business services professionals, however, could play a big role in helping firms – and lawyers – develop their business skills and capabilities.

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