You’ve mastered writing a good and clear CV, and after researching the job market and applying for roles, you have secured the interview of your dreams. Now is the time to make the most of your opportunity to shine.

Here are our top tips:



  1. Make sure you research the firm – not just on their website but look at legal market publications for important updates or recent awards they may have won (The Lawyer, Legal Week, Law Society Gazette, and so on).  
  2. Research the person who is interviewing you – utilise all the information that is at your fingertips thanks to LinkedIn! Look at their background so you understand who you are pitching to.
  3. Prepare responses to typical questions – provide detailed examples to showcase your skills, experience and achievements, and make connections with the job specification to show your fit with the job and the firm.
  4. Ask questions particularly around the firm and the role to show enthusiasm – ie, the future plans for the firm, how they make sure they are more effective than competitors or potential growth opportunities within the role.
  5. Consider your body language – strong hand shake, stand to greet, sit up straight, make eye contact and smile.


  1. Assume that they already know your experience from your CV – they will want relevant examples, not vague statements.
  2. Give long rambling responses where you end up losing your point and not directly answering the question – be concise.
  3. Second guess the response the interviewer wants to hear – listen carefully and answer questions truthfully.
  4. Rush in before answering each question. Give yourself a moment to think about and structure your answer, although not so long that it makes it uncomfortable!
  5. Be late – obvious I know but you will be surprised how many candidates end up getting to an interview late. Give extra time for travel etc. If the interview starts in a negative way, it is very hard to turn it into a positive, especially when you’re stressed out yourself from rushing around.


Remember too that as recruiters we often have information on firms that you won’t easily find online – for example, the culture, working environment and experiences of previous candidates. So use us. Ask us questions and let us help you secure that job you’ve always wanted.



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