Recruitment teams across the country are talking about the evolution of recruitment, getting excited about social media attraction strategy, external talent pipelining, mobile apps and even online games as tools for attracting candidates. This is all well and good but are we forgetting what to do with these people that we have invested so much resource in finding?

Losing candidates

Organisations are losing out on top candidates - not because of job content or company, but purely because of a poor experience during the offer process. It is an incredibly tight market for high calibre candidates and this ultimately gives those candidates control and choice. We need to care for them more than anyone else in the market, leaving them feeling that this is the offer process of a world-class company for which they want to be a part.

What we should remember...

  1. Get the salary right - A good recruiter will be managing expectations throughout the process so let's assume you know the salary the candidate is looking for. Make sure they are not disappointed and offer the salary you think they are worth, not what you think you can get away with. If you offer the right salary in the first instance, this will again reduce the time it takes for your offer to be accepted. If you feel their expectation is too high it should have been dealt with earlier.
  2. An offer should be made quickly - Too often we see our clients lose their preferred candidate to another organisation because their offer process is too slow. In a competitive situation, other organisations will capitalise on this and turn around an offer in double quick time, which only serves to highlight slower decision making processes.
  3. Senior stakeholder engagement - Make sure that the people who are responsible for setting the strategy for the area that the candidate will be joining are involved in the offer process. This will demonstrate that there is buy-in and support from the top and is hugely flattering for the candidate.
  4. Show them the love - Once you have made an offer, which has been verbally accepted, the process is not over. Once they have resigned, they will often be sat in an office for between one and three months – invite them back into yours and do it frequently! They will love being invited in for coffee/lunch/drinks during their notice period to see the team again and be surrounded by the welcoming faces of their new employer. This will minimise the risk of a buy-back and you having to start the process again.

These tips should make for a smoother offer process and, more importantly, one that ensures the speedy acceptance of the ideal candidate who is more likely to feel part of your firm, even before their first day.


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