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Welcome to the autumn issue of Totum’s dedicated BD and marketing newsletter – designed to help those of you interested in joining the legal profession or further developing your BD and marketing career in this fast-moving sector. We are currently very busy after a brief period of quieter activity over August. From mid-September, recruitment has ramped up across all BD and marketing jobs and locations. Some are replacement positions but there are many new roles too, reflecting just how valued BD and marketing skills are in the legal sector.

Whilst a number of firms continue to look for candidates with a strong proven track record in the sector, interestingly we are recruiting more BD and marketing professionals who have never worked in law before. This is partly because law firms need new marketing skills and capabilities – and they know that means looking more widely to find them. But in certain cases a shortage of candidates is also prompting them to be more open to different backgrounds. For candidates too, there is increased awareness of the great career opportunities the legal profession can offer.

At the most senior level, there have been some new director appointments coming in. These are always significant because new functional leaders often bring with them a fresh impetus to review strategy, restructure and grow the team. New and innovative roles typically follow in the wake of these placements.

This links too with a continued trend for firms to invest in BD and comms. Firms increasingly see the value of such professionals, who can act as business advisors understanding clients and using the right tools and research skills to spot opportunities and respond to market change.

More specifically, we are seeing a rise in content and campaign roles – with the right candidates being given considerable responsibility to coordinate and own large-scale UK and international campaigns, and working across teams. These often also include a strong digital component. These are really exciting opportunities that represent a strong desire among fiercely competitive firms to stand out from the crowd. For candidates, it’s also a real opportunity to make a difference and make your mark.

Structurally we continue to see firms reviewing the ways in which BD and marketing functions operate. Some of the larger firms are moving more of their day-to-day BD and marketing tasks to central hubs. This is represented in a rise in new service centres based in Manchester, Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow, which is increasing job opportunities for business services professionals outside of London. Take a look at our recent piece about regional developments, if you would like to know more.

This in turn will ensure that those immersed in practice and sector group BD roles can engage more fully in delivering targeted BD and marketing in line with key priorities for the business.

From our vantage point, we can see a lot of exciting developments going on. The competition for BD and marketing talent in the UK legal market is as fierce as ever – we also note that there is a lot of counter offering going on out there from law firms that are loath to lose talented people. We understand this, but the reality is that most candidates who accept a counter offer will be back in the job market within 6-12 months. There is rarely one thing that makes people look for a new job or a simple fix that can make everything right; once the initial flattery of a counter offer subsides, the original frustrations often resurface.

But that does lead us to an important point. We may be recruiters but we pride ourselves on going beyond any one placement. We are advisers too, always happy to chat through market trends or career considerations more broadly. As you’ll see from our blog pieces, we are as happy to talk about securing your next promotion as seeking a new job. Success for us means supporting candidates to make the right decisions for you and your career – because that’s ultimately what underpins the best recruitment matches.

So take a look at some of our blog pieces which cover a wide array of topics. And keep an eye out for Totum in the press – we often feature in legal publications, most recently discussing our latest marketing research in PSMG magazine. And if you have any comments or feedback on this newsletter or would be interested in having a chat about any aspect of your career going forwards, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Rebecca Ellis




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