Tim Skipper was recently delighted to chat to Corporate Development Managers Katie Hart and Emma Price about their job-share role at Allen & Overy (A&O) – see below for the full interview.

Both Price and Hart have worked at the firm for a while (15 and seven years respectively), but a move across the country for Price and the birth of twins for Hart led them to thinking about how they could work more flexibly. Combining their roles into a job-share has proved to be the perfect solution.

Flexibility in practice


In this chat, they share their insights into how they have made their job-share work in practice, not only in terms of the times/days they each input into the job, but also into how they worked out the role to best support and promote their different skill sets.

Flexible working used to be almost unheard of in law, but as Price and Hart demonstrate through their roles, law firms are fast embracing the concept. And it isn’t just because flexible roles meet employee needs. Done well, they can also deliver to firms more of the skills and capabilities they need to thrive.

Price and Hart are proof of that in the different strengths they bring to their job-sharing role. They show how flexibility can be a win-win solution for employees and employers alike.

Click the link below to find out more about Katie Hart’s and Emma Price’s experiences of job sharing at A&O…


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