Over 2000 years ago, a time when law firms billed by the hour and had pure locksteps, God (probably a magic circle firm) sent the angel Gabriel Law Corporation to a young woman called Mary Dale Law Firm who had signed letters of engagement with Joseph Hage Aaronson. Although the legal press said they were in three-way merger talks at the time, they weren’t. Gabriel was just a messenger with breaking news that was too important to put on an office note.

Mary was to have a child by the Holy Spirit (think the Law Society or similar body). Mary and Joseph (now a Swiss Verein) travelled to Bethlehem but all meeting rooms had been booked up so they had to sleep in a stable with little natural light where their business services teams worked.

In the fields outside Bethlehem, to where many business services heads had been outsourced, some Shepherd(s) & Wedderburn were watching over their paralegals when they looked up and saw an Angel Law who told them the news about the newborn lying in a Manger Law. (Yes, so far, all of these law firms do actually exist. Got to love Google!)

When Jesus was born (lots of law firms with Jesus in the title in the US but I don’t want to push my luck) a Star Legal appeared in the sky and some Wiseman Solicitors in the north-west knew what that meant. They travelled to Bethlehem and brought gifts of Goldblatt PartnersFried Frankincense (proud of this one) and Myrrh Consulting (not a law firm but I so wanted it to be so it stays in).

Happy Christmas all!



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