When you’ve made the decision to look for a new role, or as sometimes happens, had the decision made for you, it can be tempting to cast your net far and wide and apply for any role that has a vague resemblance to what you want to do.  This is the numbers game: the more roles you apply for surely the increased chances you have of getting an offer?

Whilst sometimes this can be the case, it’s only going to be a worthwhile exercise if that offer, or offers, are from firms you truly want to work for. So before deciding to canvas all firms in London or whatever categories you might decide to look at, it makes sense to think about what you want from your next employer.

Deciding your priorities


Of course, personal wish-lists may vary, but the following might help with your thinking:

  • Money is often a key consideration, with bills to pay and lifestyles to preserve, most of us have in a mind at least a minimum salary we want to secure so we don’t have to think about an ongoing diet of beans on toast.  But it’s not the only consideration.
  • Opportunities, whether it is for continued study, or personal or professional development may well be key for many. Many firms offer employees the chance to undertake considerable learning & development opportunities, including being sponsored or supported to take additional educational or professional qualifications. This may in the long term be invaluable in your future career.
  • International exposure can be a key consideration for someone who either already possesses or wants to acquire additional language skills or who wants the chance to work internationally. Larger firms can often have fantastic opportunities for a good performer to be seconded to international offices, or work with international teams and departments, or to be considered in the longer term for a more permanent move to another country.
  • A firm’s commitment to corporate social responsibility may figure highly for those who want to get involved in this area alongside their day job. Larger firms often have a variety of initiatives from sponsoring events, to going into schools to assist with reading and learning on a weekly basis, to staff teams spending their weekends a couple of times a year assisting with charity events. For those that wish to be involved, but maybe have little other time to do this, getting involved in a firm’s CSR initiatives can be invaluable.
  • Many people want, or need, nowadays some kind of flexibility with regards to their working pattern to accommodate other commitments in their lives. Firms are realising more and more that this is of increasing importance to candidates and may well be able to offer flexible patterns to meet an individual’s needs. Consideration of the other demands on your time and whether you can obtain flexibility from your employer may well be the chief deciding factor when comparing one firm to another.
  • Benefits packages can vary widely, although many firms have the key core offerings of PHI, Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover. Additional benefits, however, may make one potential offer of employment better than another when all else is considered equal.

So when it comes to considering firms to target in your next career move make sure you’ve done your homework. Really think about what the key priorities for you are and what you can and cannot compromise on.  It may well make the difference between your next short term role or you spending a much longer time in a more fulfilling role with your next employer.


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