The past few months have seen an increase in the number of junior HR roles within the legal sector coming to the market. Although these have mainly comprised of replacement roles, we are seeing newly created opportunities come to the market, which can be seen as a promising sign when firms are looking at expanding their HR teams, particularly with junior members of staff.

These roles have been across all functions of HR, and recently we have been assisting with the following: generalist HR, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits, HR Information Systems, Recruitment and Graduate Recruitment, and across all levels, at both entry level administration roles and more senior advisor and junior manager opportunities. Recently, Totum have placed a number of more specialist junior HR roles within law firms, including:

  • HR Assistant, Payroll & Benefits
  • Learning & Development Coordinator
  • HRIS Assistant
  • Training & Knowledge Administrator

What do our clients look for in junior HR candidates?

The ideal candidate for our clients can vary from role to role, and depending on the level of the opportunity in question – for example the amount of experience needed for an HR Administrator role will be completely different to that of an HR Advisor. Even with this difference, law firms do look for certain characteristics when hiring into their junior HR teams:  

  • A clear understanding of, and a passions for, ‘why HR’ – particularly for entry level candidates. Make sure that you conduct your research, and have an idea as to the way you want your career to progress. Do you want to focus on a generalist HR career, or specialise in a function, for example, Learning & Development or Graduate Recruitment? Make sure you have an understanding of the different elements that HR entails.
  • Knowledge of the legal sector, especially if you are looking to make the move into the sector. Read the key online legal publications – law firms are looking to see that you have an understanding of the key issues that they are facing today.
  • A good working understanding of systems – whether these are HR systems or advance Microsoft Office skills. Technology is increasing, and firms are looking for the most tech-savvy HR candidates to bolster their teams.

Moving forward


As most law firms move into a new financial year, it is a positive sign that we are seeing an increase in opportunities across junior HR. We are expecting to see the trend for more specialist roles increasing, as more firms a looking at advancing their technology, alongside the continued need for a bolster in their generalist HR and their recruitment teams too.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in HR, or are currently in an HR role but seeking a move into the legal sector then we are here to help. We will be more than happy to guide your next career move, and help you to understand the different HR roles that are available and that we are currently recruiting for.

Do get in touch with Katie Jones on either 020 7332 6329 or [email protected] who would be delighted in finding your next HR opportunity.  


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