Rachel Street was recently kind enough to spare us some time to chat through her flexible role as Director of People and Talent Development at RPC – you can see the full interview with Gary Jones below.

The case for flexibility


After returning from maternity leave for the second time, Street worked as a Consultant for a while before the role of HR Director (as the job was then called) came up. But all she had ever seen were HR Directors in full time roles, which didn’t seem feasible for her at the time.

She happened to work for someone who was happy to think out of the box, however, and who suggested she give the role a try on a part-time basis. She now works four days a week, three from the office and one from home.

In our chat, she explains how she made a success of a part time Director role, how she has now replicated this approach for her team and why the Holy Grail is to make flexibility work for everyone, including partners.

But perhaps what is most striking from talking to Rachel Street is how quickly working practices and culture can change given the right open-minded and committed approach. Ditching the idea that there is a fixed ‘way of doing things’ can be the key that unlocks the door to transformative change.

Click the link below, to hear more about Rachel Street’s experiences and guidance on making a success of flexible working.



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