Totum is a specialist recruitment firm dedicated to business services in the legal sector. We chose to focus on business services because roles across management functions in law are rapidly on the rise – HR, BD and marketing, Finance and IT have all grown in terms of size and sophistication in recent years.

We have also seen new roles emerge too – in learning and development, diversity and inclusion, project and process management, innovation, change, risk & compliance, knowledge management, and more. With these roles, new talent and skills are constantly coming into law, which are not only changing the legal business model, but the mind-set too.

We regularly share our insights collected from our daily work with law firm clients, candidates and those interested in law from beyond the sector. We also regularly publish data and our latest research on market trends in this important sector.

In this series of articles to be published over the next few weeks, we will explore some of our latest research pieces, and share some of our insights into a few of the major trends impacting today’s legal profession, and the development of business services roles and opportunities within it.


Trends in law

HR teams strive to define the future of law
In 2018, there were around a third more HR job vacancies advertised in law compared to 2015. But are increased numbers enough to make a real difference in a profession that is often seen as slow to change? Recruitment firm Totum looks at the impact of HR professionals in law and the trends that are defining their future roles.


The legal sector shows considerable resilience but for how long? 
The UK’s legal sector remains resilient, with PwC’s most recent Law Firm Survey showing law firm performance improved significantly last year. But how long can it last with on-going economic and political uncertainty squeezing profit margins? Recruitment firm Totum examines the changing legal workplace and how business professionals can get a foot in the door to help deliver the profession’s next phase of growth.


Law firms compete to attract talented business leaders from other sectors
In a profession that is fast changing, law firms are increasingly keen to attract business leadership talent from other industries. Nearly half (49%) of recruitment firm Totum’s shortlisted candidates for business services leadership roles in law now come from other sectors – delivering innovative new ideas and capabilities. Recruitment firm Totum looks at the changing make-up of business leadership teams in law.


Seize the day: Flexible working in law
According to the 2019 Modern Families Index, most working parents still struggle to balance work, family and income. Flexible working could help ease some of these pressures. But while 86% of respondents to the Index would like to work flexibly, only 49% actually do so. Recruitment firm Totum explores the lessons for the legal sector, which is fast understanding the benefits of offering workplace flexibility.
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Recruiting trends in law firm business services
Job vacancies from 2016 to 2018 show that business services roles across management functions in the legal sector are on the rise – they now account for over 15% of law firm vacancies. Not only that, but an equal number of men and women are getting placed in the most senior roles, a huge boost for gender equality in law. Recruitment firm Totum explores the latest job trends in this fast-changing sector.


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