We have really seen a growth in new and emerging business services roles.  Why? Client demands, financial pressure to do more with less and the increasing sophistication of technology are driving law firms to innovate. What this means is a growing demand for those who can aid and even lead these developments. 

The jobs on offer


Here is just a snapshot of the roles we are recruiting today:

  • Process Improvement and Innovation Manager
  • Head of Innovation and New Business
  • Legal Technology Analyst
  • PMO Project Manager
  • Business Analyst LOOP
  • Legal Project Manager
  • Senior Legal Project Manager
  • Process Improvement Analyst
  • Business Change Lead
  • Product Manager
  • Innovation Manager

The numbers of these roles are also growing.  The Delivery Technology team at one of our clients, has grown from 1 to 35 in less than a year, as departments are being developed into sophisticated and dedicated functions. It is interesting to note that these roles are at all levels from entry-level to Heads of. More senior professionals may also be required to set up their own division to support their firm’s intent to grow and remain competitive in an evolving industry.

These emerging functions bring new skills into law, so it is not uncommon for heads of such teams to recruit talent from a surprisingly diverse range of backgrounds including legal, technology, digital, financial services, and more. But at all levels of seniority, these roles share a common need for exceptional communication and relationship building skills. Project, process, innovation or change managers must be able to work across functions, as well as with lawyers and (at more senior levels) clients too. These skills lie at the heart of enabling firm-wide change and client-driven innovation.

As the legal sector continues on a journey of transformation we are excited to be part of it.

If you would like to know more about opportunities to promote innovation and change in law, please contact Julius Reeves, who heads up our function dedicated to emerging business services roles in the legal profession.


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