We are delighted to announce the launch of Totum’s Leadership Search microsite - www.totumleadership.com. This is an area dedicated to our work on sourcing and placing business leaders into law firms – including CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other director-level leaders across all law firm functions.

Totum has huge experience in recruiting into business leadership roles in law – and we are proud of the fact that the vast majority of the senior placements we have made are still in their roles three years later. This success stems from the long-standing relationships we have built over our many years of working in the legal sector, time in which we have built extensive networks, which enable us to not only source the best skills, but also those candidates who we know will make a good cultural fit.

We are adept too at bringing new and highly-sought capabilities into law. A third of the placements we have made are with individuals who came directly from another sector, rising to 50% in those areas requiring new skills in law, like process, project and innovation management.

Expertise shared


But to date we haven’t published many details of our expertise at this leadership end of business services recruitment in law. With this Leadership Search site, we hope to achieve two things:

  1. Give you better insight into our work in this area, including a spotlight on latest vacancies.
  2. Share our insights into business leadership in law via our leadership blog and case studies.

We particularly thank those who have contributed their stories to our case study section. These are business leaders, spanning management functions, who have come into law from other sectors, including advertising and retail. They give a compelling insight into the senior opportunities available in today’s legal sector as well as the factors that have enabled them to be successful in their roles.

Please take a moment to visit our leadership pages and tell us what you think. If there’s any content that you would like to see here, or if there’s a leadership story that you would like to share with visitors, please let us know. Your feedback is warmly welcomed.


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