The two founders of Totum and Seldon Rosser have proved the power of networking by launching a strategic alliance that will deliver seamless international recruitment in legal business services. The agreement of a formal alliance will also provide clients with a combined candidate reach spanning the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The alliance has its roots in a working relationship that goes back nearly 20 years. Tim Skipper, Director of UK-based business services recruitment firm Totum, and Graham Seldon, Director of Australian-based marketing and BD recruitment firm Seldon Rosser, first met in the UK in the early years of business services recruitment in the legal industry.

‘We went from being friendly London competitors to friendly international referrers when I moved to Australia in 2000,’ says Graham. ‘Tim actually helped me get my first recruitment job in Melbourne, using his networks and writing a reference for me, which was above and beyond.’ It also led to him being able to set up the first Australian recruitment business dedicated to legal marketing. ‘We have been referring clients and candidates to each other ever since and between us have placed the who’s who of marketers in the legal industry.’

Global reach


Both Tim and Graham have established the leading recruitment firms in their respective countries and have built a solid client base across the UK and Asia Pacific. ‘I am delighted that Totum will be making our alliance with Seldon Rosser more formal,’ says Tim. ‘For many years we have been collaborating with great success, bringing talented individuals from the Australia/NZ market to the UK/Europe to take on a wide range of roles in top quality UK/US firms. Similarly, we have enjoyed introducing candidates to Seldon Rosser who have successfully transitioned to that part of the world.’

In a market where top talent is in scarce supply and high demand, the alliance will be of huge benefit to clients as well as providing a wider range of options to candidates. ‘And on a purely personal level, having known Graham Seldon for close to 20 years, and having been involved in his move from the UK to Australia many years ago, it is perhaps serendipitous and certainly gratifying that we are now working more closely together than ever,’ says Tim.

The alliance comes at a time when Asia, particularly Hong Kong and Singapore, are fast growing markets for marketing and BD professionals with team sizes of the global firms expecting to reach 30+ in some cases. ‘The appetite for candidates with legal/professional services experience is huge, especially in areas such as client development, strategic BD and marketing campaigns,’ adds Graham. ‘This alliance means we can mine our respective talent pools and provide clients with the best possible candidates; also we can provide candidates with more career opportunities in this exciting part of the world.’

If you would like to know more about the opportunities this alliance provides for both law firms and candidates interested in international opportunities, please contact either [email protected] or [email protected]



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