Totum has a vision: “To be the first port of call for business services recruitment for leading law firms”.

Our placements today


But when we launched with this idea in 2012, we perhaps didn’t imagine the breadth of business services roles that we would cover so quickly. Take a snapshot of the roles that we are recruiting at the Director level today (20 July):

  • Director of KM
  • Head of KM
  • Director of HR
  • CEO
  • Director of Operations
  • 3 x Director of Business Development
  • Director of Finance & Operations
  • Finance Director
  • IT Director

Some of these roles are new, some are replacing people.  A few are looking for previous law firm experience, most are looking to recruit from other sectors.  Some are Board level, others aren’t just yet, but have the potential to be.

The synergy between all of them is that firms are all looking to improve and change what they currently have – some roles are more evolutionary than revolutionary, but all represent a willingness to look forwards and put concrete plans in place for the future.

Working in business services in law is more challenging, stimulating and rewarding than ever before. We are delighted to be in a place now where we feel we are well on the way to achieving our vision.

The path ahead


But perhaps more than that is the pleasure of knowing that more firms are joining us on this journey, as they are discovering just how much business professionals can bring to the legal profession. And if we are working ever harder, it’s because law firms are increasingly buying into the idea that new business capabilities can change law for the better from the inside out.

We started with a simple vision, but one that has proved to have broad implications as the legal industry has changed. We look forward to seeing where it can take us next!

Do get in touch [email protected] or go to if you would like to know more about what we do.


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