Whether you are seeking a new role or career move, wanting to find out more about our work and team here at Totum, or seeking regular insights into developments in the legal sector, we hope that you will see this as the place to regularly drop by to hear about all the latest trends, share views and find helpful guidance.

A website that reflects change

Our decision to relaunch our site was based on many factors. But chiefly it reflects the rapid growth of our business and your changing needs as professionals working in and around the world of law firm management. We know just how fast business services in law is evolving. The legal business model is both expanding globally and, closer to home, taking on new dimensions in alternative and complementary business structures.

We wanted to build a dynamic and responsive site that could keep pace with all the challenges and opportunities this landscape presents. This includes a comprehensive but clear and easy-to-use job search that helps promote the rising number of exciting new business services roles in law while supporting individuals along those first steps to finding the right role and firm for career growth. 

But this is also a platform to share expertise and insights – not just about recruitment but about broader changes in the legal industry too. We are proud to work in a sector that has a real sense of community. Our site should reflect that – making it easier for us to share, and learn from, our collective experiences of working in this vibrant space.

The past year has also seen significant growth within Totum. With recruitment across our business, we are now able to dedicate even more resources to our prime goal: supporting the development of truly great management teams in law.

We have dedicated teams across all management functions including finance, HR, IT, knowledge management, marketing & business development, project and process management, as well as general and bespoke management roles. We cover all levels of seniority and across all parts of the world.

We wanted a site that reflects these growing capabilities. We hope that coming here will make it easier for you to connect with us, our thinking, values and capabilities, and the way we work with law firms and candidates to achieve success for all. 

But most of all, this site is for you. We want this to be your trusted resource for guidance and insights that will help you achieve your goals. Whatever your needs, we hope that this site will help prove just how committed we are to meeting them.

So enjoy your journey. And let us know if there is anything you would like us to add that would provide further value to this site. Your feedback is always welcome.


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