It is hard enough to attract and recruit talent into the legal sector without the following spectacular fails – all carried out by senior law firm interviewers (yes, mainly Partners).

So, brace yourselves, here are our recent top five:

And the booby prize goes to...

  1. Leaving the interview half way through to take a mobile call
  2. Putting a laptop up between themselves and the candidate and either referring to info on it; or doing emails while interviewing, or playing Battleships (candidate wasn’t sure which one it was, or whether it was a trick to put them off and it wasn’t even switched on)
  3. Looking at their watch, saying it was going to be a very long day for them and that they were already very tired
  4. Falling asleep
  5. Vaping, yes, I said Vaping.

End of the blog as I am lost for words.



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