Throughout all the disruption of the past year, one constant at Totum was continued law firm leadership recruitment, catering for the most senior roles across business services functions – i.e. at Director and Chief level.

As we worked on more of these placements in 2020-21 than in the previous year – showing just how much firms value these business-critical roles – we thought it would be timely to present a report on salaries and bonuses awarded at this level (click here to see the full report or on the PDF image below).Law firm leadership - salary and bonus report

In May, we conducted an in-depth survey of UK, US-headquartered and global law firms, asking their decision makers an extensive range of questions on their compensation packages awarded to Chiefs and Directors across business services functions. A total of 54 firms responded.

By so doing, we hope to give firms a useful insight into compensation practices that might help steer future decision making.

To read the full PDF, including all data and trend analysis on law firm leadership trends, click here or on the PDF image on the left


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