Did you know that a significant number of our law firm management placements are made with candidates who have no experience of the legal profession?

Market forces are propelling profound change in the legal profession. Law firms need great business managers, across all management functions, who have the commercial skills and capabilities to support modernisation. The profession currently does not have enough management talent to transform as much as it needs to.

Law firms need you.

Here are our top-ten reasons why you should join a thriving and fast-growing business services community in law:

  1. Those joining the profession today are helping to change the face of law. Today’s law firms know they can only succeed with the backing of truly great management. Investment in business services functions is strong and growing. You can be part of a great business story: the emergence of the 21st century law firm.
  2. Joining law means stretching your abilities in an industry bursting with intelligence and crammed with potential. Lawyers may like tradition, but when the rationale is sound, law firms have proven themselves surprisingly adept at embracing transformation.
  3. As management functions have grown, so has the leadership potential. At Totum we have worked with many candidates who have risen through the business services ranks and now help drive firm-wide strategy with board-level leadership responsibility. Some are thriving as COOs or even CEOS. Talented business managers can look forward to ever-stronger career development opportunities in law.
  4. Finance, HR, marketing and business development, IT, knowledge management and general management remain at the core of law firm management. But roles within – and beyond – these functions are fast evolving. There are burgeoning opportunities in areas such as project and process management, pricing, risk and compliance, and more.  If you think your skills won’t be relevant to law, think again.
  5. As you might expect from the legal profession, the salaries and benefits on offer to business services candidates compete favourably with other industries. Law firms know that they will only attract the best with the right reward packages.
  6. Law firms enjoy particularly high quality working environments in state-of-the art offices and in some of the most exciting locations across the globe.
  7. The legal profession may be changing but the traditions of partnership mean that many law firms have retained a highly collegiate culture, which doesn’t suffer the same bureaucracy and strict hierarchy of some other industries. Good ideas don’t just disappear. They can, and do, flourish here.
  8. Law firms are fast growing. But in the context of other industry sectors they remain relatively small. This means many business managers enjoy close working relationships with people across the firm, including partners and, depending on the role, often clients too.
  9. The leading law firms are global brands that boast a high status and far-reaching influence. Talented candidates are drawn to working in an industry that has huge clout on the world stage.
  10. Business services candidates are no longer alone in their rise through the legal profession. At Totum, we are totally committed to management professionals like you. That means that when you choose law, you know you have us on your side. We are committed to helping you fulfil your potential in this dynamic and fast-changing sector. And we will guide you every step of the way.

Contact us to find out more about the opportunities the legal profession can offer you, and how we can help match your skills to the right role to achieve your potential.