The finance team in the legal profession enjoys a wide and growing remit. From understanding profitability drivers across matters, clients, departments and locations, to modernising working capital procedures, managing costs and performance-related pay, overseeing new pricing regimes and minimising risk – those joining finance in law provide the expertise needed to deliver firms with sustained growth.


At the top level, finance directors remain the business services professionals most likely to take a top leadership role as COO or even CEO. At the very least, they typically sit on the management board, and play a decisive role in aligning a firm’s operational capabilities to strategic goals. With a growing team behind them, offering an ever-wider range of expertise, finance teams are particularly highly regarded in the legal profession as both the rocks of the business and leaders of change.


Your role

As a finance director in the legal profession, you are likely to be the head of the biggest single team in any law firm. You will need to show exceptional leadership, communication and relationship building skills. And you will have to have the strategic vision to work alongside the partnership – to be responsive, flexible and innovative, calm in times of crisis, and confident in decision making.


At the same time, finance is fast offering talented candidates new opportunities at all levels.  You may, for example, be among a new wave of pricing specialists who have joined law firms to help steer them through the challenges of shifting from the billable hour to alternative fee structures. Working closely with project and process managers, you are doing nothing short of remodelling the whole way in which legal services are delivered.


At Totum, we understand that in this vital area there is no room for compromise. Our specialist finance recruitment team has the expertise and deep-level insight to work alongside firms to source the very best candidates for growing finance teams. Whether supporting candidates to move within the legal profession, or bringing in fresh talent from outside industry, we only ever recommend candidates that we are absolutely sure are right for the firm and the role on offer.

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