Law firms are entering a new era of legal practice. The traditional career path for lawyers is changing: reward for time spent at a firm is giving way to merit-based performance management and remuneration models, which are shaping new behaviours and working cultures.


Some even question the long-term future of the partnership model, as more lawyers now seek something different to partnership, and the arrival of alternative business structures (ABSs) promise new ways of financing and running a legal business.


For HR in law, this presents a unique and exciting opportunity to support law firms and their workforces through increasing competition, challenge and change. Roles in HR are as varied as the ever-evolving demands placed upon this critical function. From positions focused on a firm’s overall structural and strategic development to more specialised jobs in learning and development, HR is vital to all aspects of today’s legal business.


Your role

As an HR professional in law, you play a key role in successful organisational development. You may specialise in talent management, creating compelling and effective career development frameworks, and comprehensive learning and development programmes, to support and develop the right skills sets for a new generation of lawyer and law firm. You are critical to effective resource management too – helping to align recruitment and retention strategies to meet changing requirements within budgetary constraints.


You are part of a team that has proved its value through some of the most economically testing times when difficult decisions had to be made. But there’s much further to go. We have already seen some HR directors transition to becoming COOs in their law firms. This is a function with real leadership potential.


Our specialist HR team is headed by Laura McNair who has over 15 years’ experience specialising in HR recruitment. We have the expertise, practical insights and the track record to support the development of HR teams that boast the very best skills from both within the legal sector – and can help bring in commercial expertise from outside industry.


We are dedicated to making the right recruitment matches that support the long-term success of HR in law. We understand the importance of the right recruitment ‘fit’ and we only recommend those candidates that we believe are absolutely right for the firm and role on offer. Our success depends on our ability to make placements that last.


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