Clients respect law firms that use technology well. They want to work with firms that use their IT to speed up processes, improve information transparency, add value to the services they receive and deliver cost-efficiencies. No wonder then, that some firms are prioritising investment in IT.


In just a short time at Totum, we have helped recruit more IT Directors into law firms than in the past five or six years put together. This is a growing function and one that sits at the helm of innovation in law as new technology capabilities have the potential to transform law firm capabilities.

Your role


As a member of the legal IT function, you enable lawyers to do more in a better way. You are a key lynchpin around which firms can launch offices, deliver new and better services to clients and become more flexible via mobile and remote working capabilities. You have the ability to drive technology that can transform a firm’s fortunes.


In this fast-paced world, you also give firms the confidence to move with the times. In one of the newer roles specialising in security, for instance, you will protect your firm from the rising risk of cyber attacks and security breaches. Keeping confidential information safe in a business as sensitive as law will only be more vital in years to come. If you can safeguard firms amid myriad threats from multiple sources, you will help secure client confidence and your firm’s future.


At Totum, we pride ourselves on being able to source the best IT professionals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. This not only includes those who already have experience of the legal profession but also experts from outside industry too – those who bring with them innovative insights from corporate, consultancy and financial environments, and know how to use technology to drive business growth.


We know how to support firms to find the right IT talent to support their every need. And we never recommend candidates unless we are sure they are absolutely right for the firm and the role on offer. We know how important it is to get the right recruitment ‘fit’ and we are committed to getting it right.


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