Knowledge management is core to today’s law firm practice. When a law firm seeks out a knowledge management executive, it is for someone who can become fully embedded in the business, who will deliver an insider’s perspective to not only support the ever-growing and changing information requirements of their legal community, but will also know how to build and use a firm’s knowledge to deliver superior value to clients too.


No wonder then that great knowledge managers are highly prized. From educating the firm in industry changes and critical regulation to using knowledge to better harness a firm’s capabilities and deliver new services and greater value to clients, knowledge managers have the capabilities to take law firms to the next competitive level.


Your role

As a knowledge manager, you enjoy an increasingly broad remit. You are likely to be an expert in information management, knowing how to navigate today’s wealth of data in a way that truly enhances individual lawyer’s abilities and firm-wide expertise.


But you are likely to be more than that too. Your ability to manage knowledge will be integral to developing your firm’s business proposition. You will use knowledge as a means to bring lawyers together through their collective expertise. And you will drive that expertise in a way that delivers added value to clients, over and above that of competitors. Success will mean becoming the true insider: no-one will know the business better than you.


At Totum, we understand that these roles require not just top-notch information-management skills, but also the ability to understand a firm’s culture at the deepest level. Only then can the best knowledge managers fully harness a firm’s collective expertise that can often be hidden or underutilised. We have the expertise and experience to source the right individual who will have the right mind-set and abilities to become embedded at the very heart of the firm, building strength from the inside-out.

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