There is the idea of the tipping point – a moment in which an idea or movement gathers enough momentum to suddenly take hold and spread. In our view, this has well and truly happened in law firm management. And the shift is expressing itself in a swathe of new roles that are transforming law firm business capabilities and bringing an ever-more integrated approach to the effective management of the modern legal business.


These roles focus on areas like legal transformation, technology, change, service excellence, innovation, project and programme management, solution design and strategy. They do not fit neatly into proscribed management divisions, but rather connect into all layers of a firm as a means of doing business better. And as law firms already know the value of great management, the adoption of these new business roles has been phenomenally fast. Many firms, for instance, are now well beyond making their first hires, and are now focused on scaling up their teams to make an impact and deliver lasting change. 


Such is the speed of this recruitment zeal, that firms are facing a real challenge in finding a good pool of talent. The fact is that such ready-made expertise does not already exist within the legal profession, at least not in sufficient supply. Law firms must either look further afield to attract candidates that have not yet considered the legal sector, or bring up those within the profession who have the potential to take on a more specialist role.


This is where Totum can help. We know how to attract great talent from outside industry because we’ve achieved a successful transition many times before. We also have the in-depth knowledge of the legal sector to know which candidates from within the profession could step into more dedicated roles.


We have the expertise and the resources to source the best talent and make the right matches across all new management roles.  Whatever you need, and wherever you need, Totum will be on hand to deliver.


Contact us to find out more about our work in this area and how our team can help you.


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