Marketing and business development (BD) remains one of our busiest areas of recruitment: we consistently offer a wide range of live roles offering huge potential for talented candidates. Firms have long understood the value of marketing and BD to both creating and maintaining brand reputation, client loyalty and winning more work.


We cover roles from assistant and executive level right up to ‘Head of’ and ‘Director’ positions – and ranging from specialised sector or client-focused roles to global positions in leading international firms. More firms, for example, are now targeting marketing and business development managers who can work exclusively within industry sector groups, applying commercial expertise and deep market knowledge to enable law firms to establish incomparable reputation across key growth industries.


Totum’s specialist BD & marketing recruitment team, led by Rebecca Ellis, who focuses on recruiting mid-to senior levels, and Roisin Griffin, who oversees the recruitment of business development and marketing executives, have the experience and the deep-level market insights to support firms and candidates across this ever-broadening spectrum of roles in law firm marketing and BD.


Your role

As a marketer in the legal profession, you are vital to building law firm reputation, brand and client trust. In a sector in which firms struggle to differentiate themselves in the face of stiff competition, you have the potential to make a real impact, as you help to define what makes law firms stand out from the crowd. Your work has, and will continue to have, major repercussions on the legal industry as a whole as marketing becomes ever more integral to law firm growth.


Business development in law, meanwhile, is fast evolving. As a BD professional, you support firms to expand into new markets, secure more work and maximise the potential of existing client relationships across all service lines. Your ability to target new revenue streams has made you an indispensable member of the legal business and a key driver of change.


Candidates that understand the market and the cultural nuances of the legal profession are in high demand from law firms looking to win competitive advantage. But firms also need the insights of those that come from outside industry, who understand the commercial drivers behind client decision making – and can use their unique knowledge to spark further innovation in the legal profession.


At Totum, we have the extensive network to source the best candidates from the broadest pool. And we have the expertise to then ensure we only recommend those that we believe are absolutely right for the role and the firm that is offering it. We understand the importance of the right recruitment ‘fit’ and never compromise on getting it right. The success of our business depends on it.


Our marketing and BD team are ready to help support your needs.


Contact us to find out more about our work in this area and how our team can help you.


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