While growing risk teams mean more roles at all levels of seniority, many law firms are particularly looking for the right senior-level risk experts. They are seeking risk leaders who will not only ensure regulatory compliance, but who can centralise and grow the function, work closely with the management board (often sitting on the executive committee), and who can align strategy and processes across global offices.
Heads of risk in law are decision makers who are key to driving the right risk management culture across the firm – not only safeguarding the firm from risk but enabling it to seize business opportunities. Joining a legal risk team is a great opportunity to implement powerful and lasting change across the firm, in teams that are highly valued and growing fast.

Your role

As a senior risk manager in law, you can expect to play a key role in the development of your firm’s business strategy, analysing internal and external threats and safeguarding not only your firm’s operations, but its all-important reputation. Your highly strategic role will mean working closely with the firm’s leadership team to ensure your firm’s resilience through sudden change and/or growth.
With firms growing on a global scale, it is likely that you will be responsible for spreading and embedding a sound risk culture across multiple offices. This will mean interacting with staff and functions across the firm, often including risk and crisis-management training. You will be a highly valued member of staff at every level, acting as a trusted advisor on all aspects of risk.
Whether you are a candidate seeking opportunities in a law firm risk team, or a law firm hoping to ramp up your risk management credentials, we can help. Our dedication to business services in law means that no-one is better place to make the right recruitment ‘fit’ in this critical function. We understand just how important risk management has become to safeguarding business reputation and growth. That is why we would never compromise on getting these placements right.
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