The short term or interim role in law firm management has become more popular among firms in recent years, particularly during times of restructuring or rapid growth. The introduction of a temporary member of staff often at short notice, however, is fraught with potential risks. Firms will always fear that such roles might damage both performance and culture.


At Totum we understand the anxieties these placements can create. We draw on our unique expertise in the field of legal management and exceptional understanding of our clients’ needs to ensure that the candidate we recommend is an experienced and highly flexible individual. We will only propose candidates who are absolutely capable of swiftly adapting to your unique firm culture and delivering without delay to the standard you require.


Your role

As an interim manager in law, you will enjoy the flexibility to work with many law firms across different projects. Your experience in interim management can be a good way to lead to a permanent role in a law firm that you know is right for you. But it can also be a career choice – allowing you to experience the broadest variety of work and a wealth of new career challenges in your own timeframe.


You will need to be highly responsive, flexible, adept at handling change and unflustered. Your ability to work with many different people is an obvious must – and your enthusiasm to embrace new cultures quickly will play a large part in your success. Those who prove their skills and reliability in interim roles will always enjoy high demand from law firms that often need additional support through these times of rapid change.


We know that interim roles can be tricky. But that is why we go out of our way to build lasting relationships with both interim managers and law firms. Only then can we be confident that every match we make is right.


Contact us to find out more about our experience across interim roles, and how we can help you.