As law firms have gone global, business services roles in law have expanded overseas too. In legal offices across the world, business services professionals are now helping to establish and cement their firms' market position and to support sustainable growth.

Totum has successfully filled positions in South Africa, India, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, UAE, Cayman, Australia, New York and various financial centres across Europe. Typically, we have helped candidates to relocate from the UK, have supported people to move jobs within the same country – and have also helped candidates to return to the UK once they have spent some part of their careers overseas.  

International alliances


To ensure seamless global coverage, we are delighted to enjoy international support in the shape of alliances with leading recruitment businesses Seldon Rosser and Calibrate Legal (in Australia and the US respectively). We work with them on assignments needing a global reach in addition to research projects focused on business services. This helps us to offer you a truly global service, wherever in the world you might need it.

Further details of our alliance partners are below:



While it is generally thought that UK law firms lead the US in terms of the size and sophistication of legal marketing teams, US firms are fast catching up, particularly among those using business development capabilities to grow their international footprint. This also means that they have a real interest in UK business services talent, whether it’s to help build their London offices or to work from the US building operational capabilities and growing their international base.

These trends have moved our Totum team closer to the US market, not only through our work with US firms operating in London, but also through our increasing presence in the US itself – helped via our close partnership with Calibrate Legal. Together we have worked on recruitment and research projects across UK/US markets.

Calibrate Legal partners with law firm clients to help capture and articulate the value of their human capital investments, and to advance the dialogue between law firm leadership and the Revenue Enablers™ who are critical to advancing their strategies. Their team is committed to helping law firms position themselves at the forefront of the next era of the legal industry by placing sophisticated talent, engaging firm leadership and building cultures driven by meaningful data.

For more information on Calibrate Legal, contact Calibrate CEO Jennifer Scalzi: [email protected]



Totum’s strategic alliance with Australian recruitment firm Seldon Rosser, provides clients with a combined candidate reach spanning the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

‘For many years we have been collaborating with Seldon Rosser with great success, bringing talented individuals from the Australia/NZ market to the UK/Europe to take on a wide range of roles in top quality UK/US firms,’ says Tim Skipper, Director at Totum. ‘Similarly, we have enjoyed introducing candidates to Seldon Rosser who have successfully transitioned to that part of the world.’

The alliance – which was made formal in 2018 after years of informal referrals – comes at a time when Asia, particularly Hong Kong and Singapore, are fast growing markets for marketing and BD professionals with team sizes of the global firms expected to reach 30+ in some cases.

‘The appetite for candidates with legal/professional services experience is huge, especially in areas such as client development, strategic BD and marketing campaigns,’ says Graham Seldon, Director at Seldon Rosser. ‘This alliance means we can mine our respective talent pools and provide clients with the best possible candidates; also we can provide candidates with more career opportunities in this exciting part of the world.’

For more information on Seldon Rosser, contact Graham Seldon: [email protected]

Sector expertise


Our alliances also extend to other areas, including sector expertise – for example, our longstanding alliance with technology recruitment consultant Picture More:



Picture More is an established recruitment consultancy with a particular focus on technology hires. It has a strong and long-term track record supplying high calibre candidates into the world’s leading law firms, taking the time to not only understand technical requirements but equally the right cultural fit for each organisation.

‘We have worked in tandem with Totum on several assignments now with a great deal of success,’ says Oliver Morris, Director at Picture More. ‘We have knowledge shared, provided market insight from a technology perspective and have recommended the services of Totum on many occasions. We have a great deal of respect for them as an organisation and are delighted to strategically align with them as a business. With our combined network and capability, we are one of the largest and most successful legal recruitment consultancies in the UK.’

For more information on Picture More, contact Oliver Morris: [email protected]