The traditional law firm partnership has a lot of strengths. But as business has gone global and law firms have dramatically grown both in terms of size and cross-border service capabilities, so have lawyers realised that the partnership structure, led by lawyers, is no longer enough.


That is why ever-more firms have embraced management expertise at the very highest leadership levels as a means to drive strategy, operational efficiency, structural reform and commercial growth. Business services professionals working at ‘Head of’ and ‘Director’ levels, across all functions, enjoy real responsibility in roles aimed at not only developing the capabilities of their own teams, but also taking on decision-making responsibility at board level.


So too are we seeing and supporting the rise of COOs and CEOs in law. These are the business services professionals who are working at the very top of the legal profession. They understand their firm’s strengths and weaknesses within the context of changing market forces, and can respond to ensure their firms not only survive but thrive, no matter what the economic or environmental conditions.


Your role

As a management leader in law you are critical to the future of the legal profession. Your insights and expertise will support decision making at the very highest levels. You will do nothing short of determining the fortunes of your firm as you help it navigate myriad challenges arising from multiple sources.


For those of you taking up a COO or CEO role, you will need a deep understanding of strategic imperatives, financial drivers, trends in both mature and emerging markets, and how to secure operational efficiency across global platforms. You will also play a key role in supporting a firm-wide culture that engages and motivates talent. This is your chance to make a real and lasting impact on a profession that is embracing change.


At Totum, we know just how complex and critical these roles are. Our dedicated leadership search team spares no effort in targeting exactly the right individual to meet the unique needs of every firm we work with. We know the cultural ‘fit’ has to be absolutely right and we work in partnership with our law firms and candidates to ensure the very best outcome for all. However exacting the requirements, or difficult the search, you can be sure that we are on your side and will deliver success.


Contact us to find out more about how we source leadership talent and how our team can help you.


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