Diversity & Inclusiveness

We value and respect everyone we come into contact with. Supporting firms in the fast-growing field of law firm management has meant that we have had to be adept at attracting great potential candidates from multiple sources. Given our own role in recruiting diversity professionals into law firms, we also gain considerable insight into the latest work in this area, supporting firms in the development of such roles and helping others recruit their first such professionals.

We have seen first-hand the powerful impact that an influx of new talent can have on the legal industry. And we know how important it is to further nurture its growth.

Diversity report: Totum 2017


Click here or on the image below to see Totum's diversity statistics and commentary for 2017

Our diversity report includes a full infographic detailing information given by candidates who signed up with Totum from January 1st to December 31st 2017, on areas including ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and disability. It also includes an analysis of the figures and our thoughts as to our next steps to further support diversity in our own business, as well as across the broader legal sector.



Social mobility


Our approach to diversity and inclusion goes beyond just recruitment, though. We want to play our part in building a society in which everyone has the opportunity to fully contribute and fulfil their potential. This has included, for instance, our work with PRIME, an alliance of law firms and legal departments, which gives school-age students from less privileged backgrounds access to quality work experience in the legal sector.

Over recent years, we have relished the opportunity to work with law firm CMS (one of 23 founding members of PRIME) to establish a workshop for students designed to help them think about applying for jobs in law, including interview skills and CV preparation.  It has been incredibly exciting for us to see people with such huge potential emerging from this kind of work.


Inclusivity training


We are also committed to supporting an inclusive culture within our own team, and work closely with Inclusive Employers, the UK’s leading membership organisation in this field, to hold quarterly workshops for our staff on topics including:

·         Recruitment – legal update and relevant case law

·         Unconscious bias in recruitment

·         Inclusive communications

·         Banter – balancing wit and wisdom

·         The five generation workforce

Seeing the great impact of all this work has only further convinced us of the need to explore and support the growth of new talent from all walks of life. It is morally right for us to do this. But it is much more than that too. It is about laying the foundations for a truly strong and vibrant future of law.


Our commitment to equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusiveness: Company policy


Totum is committed to providing equal opportunity to everyone in recruitment, selection, training, promotion, deployment and any other condition of employment. We are clear that no-one should be unfairly disadvantaged at work or in any other disciplinary action on the grounds of age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or any other unlawful criterion or circumstance. It is the company's policy that anyone within the company concerned with making decisions should avoid unlawful discrimination in any form in their dealings with other employees.

The Directors of the company are responsible for the operation of this policy. Equally all members of staff have a responsibility to adhere to both its spirit and its principals. Any case of unlawful discrimination will be treated very seriously.

The company recognises its obligations under the legislation covering Equal Pay, Sex Discrimination, Race Relations, Disability Discrimination and Age Discrimination. The company also recognises that unlawful discrimination can take different forms – direct, indirect, victimisation or the failure to make reasonable adjustments to employment arrangements or premises.

At Totum we strive to act in a fair and reasonable manner both internally and in our external relationships, focusing solely on a person's ability to do a job and their skills and attributes. We are committed to do all we can in the areas of equal opportunities and diversity, and to operate with honesty, integrity and consideration.

We are always keen to extend our work in this field and would welcome ideas on how we can further improve and enhance our focus in this area.