Every day, we get to talk to a wealth of law firms and candidates about the management opportunities and recruitment challenges they face. Every conversation is an insight into this complex market, every meeting a chance to listen to concerns and understand the shifting trends a little better. And we don’t waste a moment of it.


Our ability to listen, understand and communicate our knowledge informs all that we do.


We relish sharing our expertise on the shifting legal landscape to build close and lasting relationships with both law firms and candidates alike. It goes beyond recruitment. It’s about working with the utmost integrity to become trusted business advisors to those in the legal industry who are facing unprecedented change.


We can provide market context to a firm’s resource decision making or an individual’s career plan. At the same time, our knowledge gives us the confidence to challenge assumptions, champion innovation and support law firms and candidates in their efforts to stand out from the pack.


Law firms and candidates come back to us time and again because the way we work is personal. That is why we enjoy relationships that go back years and continue to thrive.

Our approach to the recruitment process


Many also rely on the pivotal role we play in ensuring a positive recruitment process for all. A good reputation can be won or lost in the field of recruitment – with communication typically determining the dividing line.


With Totum on side, candidates and law firms can be confident that we will work tirelessly to ensure a positive and clear line of communication across all parties - from sourcing and shortlisting the most suitable candidates to arranging interviews, managing post-interview feedback and supporting firms and candidates through to accepting an offer – and beyond. Our priority is to ensure that everyone leaves the recruitment process with a positive frame of mind, even those who were ultimately unsuccessful.


We do not take short cuts. We do not avoid difficult conversations. When reputation long outlasts any one placement, we know how important it is to get this right. No matter how busy the law firm may be – or how many interviews a talented candidate may be juggling – we keep the process on track.


Listen. Understand. Communicate. These are the watchwords by which we operate. And no matter what changes lie ahead for us all in the legal industry, they will remain fundamental to all that we do.


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