Totum has one vision: to recruit the very best management teams and leaders into the legal profession and so help drive the future of law.


Our background

We have been recruiters in the legal sector since 2003. At that time, business services professionals were already impacting the legal business. But it wasn’t long before we could see that these individuals and teams – from across all functions, from marketing to HR, and IT to finance – would do so much more. We could see them defining the very meaning of success as those firms with the strongest management capabilities would quickly outstrip the rest.


We knew that as recruiters we could play an important part in one of the great business stories of our time: the emergence of a truly responsive and globally-capable 21st century legal profession.


And in 2012, the time had come. By this point, our founders, Tim Skipper, Deborah Gray and Gary Jones, had built huge expertise in all aspects of legal recruitment and strong networks across the legal community. We understood the challenges and dynamics of the legal profession, and we loved working in an industry bursting with intelligence – that would embrace tradition but could also change profoundly off the back of well-reasoned, evidence-based argument.


With law firms fully recognising the value of their management teams, and looking to ramp up their capabilities, we saw an opportunity to further support firms in their management endeavours.

Totum is born


And we took the leap, branching out from general legal recruitment to rebrand as Totum – a specialist recruitment firm dedicated to supporting law firms in the creation and development of their management teams, across all functions, and at every level of seniority.


Our work today

We haven’t stopped since. From working with firms across relatively simple and well-defined divisions, we are now helping to build increasingly sophisticated and integrated management capabilities in law firms, incorporating many entirely new roles as well as more specialist positions within sector, practice and client-facing groups.


Management expertise in UK law firms has evolved to such a level that it has gone global too. We have been delighted to launch Totum’s international division, supporting law firms in their management needs across global offices and helping some of our best business services candidates take up roles in law firms across the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Europe. Management in law now means a wealth of opportunity in one of the most dynamic and progressive of all business sectors.


We are proud of our place in this story. We look forward to working with you – our law firm partners and all our business services candidates – in writing the next chapter.


Contact us to find out more about the services we offer and how we could help you.

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