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Know how: Law Firms and Retaining Talent

In a piece first published by PLC Magazine (Practical Law), Founding Director of Totum Deborah Gray discusses the strategies that law firms should implement in

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Job spotlight: The Legal Cashier

In a piece first published by The Institute of Legal Finance & Management, Totum Finance Consultant Carolyn Beckford Balogun takes a look at the role

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How Can Businesses Foster Diversity?

In a piece first published in Finance Monthly Totum Director Deborah Gray outlines key tips to help businesses attract diverse talent.   The business case


Recognition for Best Business Leaders

Welcome to Totum’s ‘Best Business Leaders’ awards 2022. Over the past two years, professional services firms have faced challenges that have put business services leaders

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ESG…and the recruitment struggle

In a piece first published in PMSG’s Centrum magazine, Totum Director Deborah Gray looks at ways in which professional services firms are approaching ESG. How

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The hybrid office: Keeping everyone happy?

In a piece first published in Legal Abacus, Totum Consultant Carolyn Beckford Balogun looks at latest approaches to hybrid working, implications for the finance function, and